painting and clothing

feel the heat…

is it the beast…

oily toile series

oily cloth series @window135
oily toile twin
cotton sheeting painting rag…outfit

three act play

new @window135
sonswear…painting @window135 make @window135x
carp on kimono cotton
Performance on Rye Lane with Alice @popsymag, Chloe @chloecooooooper. Photos by @boettcher.sebastian and @levin.haegele. Supported by @picnic_gallery.
Future’s Landing @katrinhanusch
Future’s Landing @katrinhanusch

trying it on… part 2

trying it on…part 1
either or
patchworked patchwork tank

september 2019…bubbles darling

family portrait series @window135
son by son @workl3ns


catch up…29.07.2019
‘death to the fascist insect that preys on the life of the people’
franshalsXkeithjarrett 2013

get your own family

new! @window135
the companions @window135
shadow boxer

skid…not for the flowers but for the oily stains

printed corduroy
end of the print table