hot piano

new! @window135
interesting things…many thanks to Alessandra
we are selling prints, paintings, clothes and ephemera @tab.window135 and eBay.

late to the party…

meeting of two types…01.02.21
sketch model hell
lashed by tongue…detail
dry brush…detail

tin man…looking for a heart, not bothered about a brain

new! @window135 15.11.20
maximum joy

etched line…collage

@window135 07.11.20
painty man series 2020 X Dore collage 2013. Oil on linen
waxed linen…black overdye. Just the mood I’m in @window135x


@window135 20.10.20 oily toile frock messy palette-oil on linen
in situ…
messy…with sunshine

looking in both directions…but not behind me

looking in both directions but not behind me…oil on linen @window135


skanking @window135 paintyman series 2020
brotherly love…mmm @window135
skanking in the window..30.09.20

northern soul…better laughs

northern soul…tim jones @window135
vegetable matter…
northern soul…painty man series 2020

lean in

lean in. painty series 2020 @window135
video still from @window135 instagram
painty series 2020. sibling rivalry

painty series 2020

painty mannequin series 2020 @window135
in the shop with keith jarrett X frans hals from the collage painting series 2014 ‘portraits of portraits’ 2014. workers badges for workwear
in the studio with the sitter