S O S SYMBOL of SOCIETY… Glenn ‘fitzy’ Fitzpatrick

Glenn ‘Fitzy’ Fitzpatrick. Author, Artist, Gulf War Veteran 1991. Fitzy exhibits a poignantly controversial sculpture that pokes at the war, the environment and the cost of fuel in our times.

‘fix the bayonet, fix the price’ @glovefitz

Many thanks To Fitzy…work exhibited 15-30th September. We will be showing more work by Fitz in 2023.

Anderson Asteclines… ‘Perculiar Characters of a Shimmering lake and their Archescapes of Strangeness’ 

many thanks to Anderson Asteclines for his work and good company… September 2022

ID. Image 2.
‘Grain and Forest’ 2021/2

3. Untitled 2021/2

4. Untitled ‘on the nature of insomnia, kit of parts’ 2021/2

enamel paint & clay 28.08.22

bone white flesh…
after a long hot summer….

work from the archive…shown fleetingly…oil painting on wool


dream team…terracotta & car body filler 09.08.22

bone, terracotta clay & car body filler @window135
forma, grey clay…unfired & car body filler…
new cross kintsugi

‘cold things’…kelly fung

14.07.22 from ‘cold things’…@kellyhastositbackwardontrain @nowhere_now_here


“going home” candle holders
‘earthworm candles’ & chain by Kelly Fung
Many thanks to Kelly…Lovely show to live in.

katrin hanusch…19.06.22


dawn…noon…dusk…sand cast aluminium

cast brass, gold plated…unique
brass cast, salvaged resin cast, salvaged welsh slate, dyed nylon bolts 2020/22
untitled…wax, paper cup 2022

william waterhouse ‘triangular sandwich’

@waterhousewilliam ‘triangular sandwich’ opened 05.05.22
Williams work is best seen on instagram…