the mind has been strong but the will weak…covid backlog

made manifest…03.04.20
loves…in the time of 13.04.20
WIP…like Devo said.. 22.04.20
tumbling dice…turn of the screw…etc

walk on by

painters rag, oily toile on damask. plastics @window135
keep safe in these strange times.

pillow book

@window135. oil on canvas. wooden lined stereotypers boxes, klimsch, alltongradarraster

she who wears the trousers

kimono wool jumpsuit and rejigged form in overdyed silk. With pockets…ha
wire badge
perforated badge and tin pin

the locked room. four years that shook art education 1969-73

The ‘A’ Course was the conceptual art course, run by the sculpture department at St Martins School of Art 1969-73. Taught by Peter Kardia, Peter Harvey, Garth Evans & Gareth Jones. A book is about to be published by MIT called ‘The Locked Room. Four Years that Shook Art Education 1969-73’, edited by Rozemin Keshvani. There was a show at Tate Britain ‘The Year of the Locked Room’ 2007 curated by Hester Westley. In 1970 Christopher Burstall made a film for the BBC shown on ‘Arena’ called ‘A Question of Feeling’, this clip is me Tim Jones, student with Peter Kardia & Garth Evans in disguise…cunningly

Garth Evans & Tim Jones at Laure Genillard…50 years later
Greg Powlesland, Andy Rice & Tim Jones
Rozemin Keshvani
existential me…Tim Jones at Laure Genillard

aye aye aye…revisited

aye aye aye @window135 2015
family portrait series…progenitor. collage 2020

Oily boiler & its progenitor

massive son
loomed knitwear…double aran

Olive Hardy

Olive Hardy has become a young associate at Sadlers Wells.
We were pleased to help Olive with the bundle
‘we are dealing with this’ premiered @sadlers_wells December 2019