Author: window135

'window135' 135 New Cross Road since 2004. Tim Jones & Meena Chodha the exhibit changes weekly.

cast shadow and reflections…bring them on

new window @window135
invisibility cape

looking both ways

playing catch up…last week
family portrait
jug like

oily…end of the print table…father and son.

in collaboration…a gift from @anirrationalelement…winsor green heavy cotton ‘window’ bag

bag…@anirrationalelement… a worthwhile collaboration

ouch…too hot in the window

paintings have been buckling
clothes have been fading
all power to the object

skid…not for the flowers but for the oily stains

printed corduroy
end of the print table

it looks like something…macular degeneration

after watching Sean Scully last week
mine is leftovers