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'window135' 135 New Cross Road since 2004. Tim Jones & Meena Chodha the exhibit changes weekly.

‘cold things’…kelly fung

14.07.22 from ‘cold things’…@kellyhastositbackwardontrain @nowhere_now_here


“going home” candle holders
‘earthworm candles’ & chain by Kelly Fung
Many thanks to Kelly…Lovely show to live in.

katrin hanusch…19.06.22


dawn…noon…dusk…sand cast aluminium

cast brass, gold plated…unique
brass cast, salvaged resin cast, salvaged welsh slate, dyed nylon bolts 2020/22
untitled…wax, paper cup 2022

‘Evan ‘n’ Elle’ ‘Cammo/Armour’… Clark Keatley 01.06.22

‘Evan ‘n’ Elle’…

‘tree’…and ‘curly’ Theo Kaccoufa

more of Theos work can be seen at
‘curly’ found materials, found colours. oil can silicon bronze rods, brass nuts
May 2022

william waterhouse ‘triangular sandwich’

@waterhousewilliam ‘triangular sandwich’ opened 05.05.22
Williams work is best seen on instagram…

not interesting, not uninteresting, interesting 20.4.22

end of the print table archive 2019
palette corset t.shirt…archive

stay souf easy…@fredrix.vermin

Many thanks to Fred. The work was a perfect reflection of the New Cross Road this week.

Ollie Dove ‘Inversion’ 30.03.22

@ollie.dove showed paintings and clothes in the house. 30.03.22
bags in collaboration with Jess Young @yo__ung
work is available to buy @good____things
Many thanks to Ollie for the work and the pv. All lovely.
the hang on wednesday…the PV that night.

..unfireable…that’s what you are

no water please