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S O S SYMBOL of SOCIETY… Glenn ‘fitzy’ Fitzpatrick

Glenn ‘Fitzy’ Fitzpatrick. Author, Artist, Gulf War Veteran 1991. Fitzy exhibits a poignantly controversial sculpture that pokes at the war, the environment and the cost of fuel in our times.

‘fix the bayonet, fix the price’ @glovefitz

Many thanks To Fitzy…work exhibited 15-30th September. We will be showing more work by Fitz in 2023.

dream team…terracotta & car body filler 09.08.22

bone, terracotta clay & car body filler @window135
forma, grey clay…unfired & car body filler…
new cross kintsugi

not interesting, not uninteresting, interesting 20.4.22

end of the print table archive 2019
palette corset t.shirt…archive

Ollie Dove ‘Inversion’ 30.03.22

@ollie.dove showed paintings and clothes in the house. 30.03.22
bags in collaboration with Jess Young @yo__ung
work is available to buy @good____things
Many thanks to Ollie for the work and the pv. All lovely.
the hang on wednesday…the PV that night.

..unfireable…that’s what you are

no water please


cool blue window with fluffy white cloud. Painting @window135 from 2014
cafe society…@agnieszka__szczotka…she spotted our clothing faux pas. Don’t get dressed in the dark.

@nancyallen92…RA school show
@clark_keatley RA interims

@window135 at David Zwirner…Hilma af Klint and quality others…

Xavier White…verrelic spires
shroom lens @window135
in a storm…lighthouse

oh! amateur…@window135

muck and brass
family line
colour cordinated


27.01.22 wholey
urban plague damage
knit scarf