public manifestation

we all

and they

walk on by

painters rag, oily toile on damask. plastics @window135
keep safe in these strange times.

pillow book

@window135. oil on canvas. wooden lined stereotypers boxes, klimsch, alltongradarraster

she who wears the trousers

kimono wool jumpsuit and rejigged form in overdyed silk. With pockets…ha
wire badge
perforated badge and tin pin

aye aye aye…revisited

aye aye aye @window135 2015
family portrait series…progenitor. collage 2020

Oily boiler & its progenitor

massive son
loomed knitwear…double aran


a unicorn on deptford beach

a unicorn on deptford beach 2015 @window135

oily toile series

oily cloth series @window135
oily toile twin
cotton sheeting painting rag…outfit