1. Lovely to meet you both today outside your gallery Tim and Meena. I was on my trusty steed (my bike) and learnt a little about you and your gallery and was amazed to hear it has been displaying your combined work for so long! I’ve been riding with my eyes shut. Now my eyes are open I will continue to look towards your window for the latest artworks, clothing and anything else on display. My best wishes to you both, Michael


    1. Very nice to meet you Michael and good to talk! We will have a show in the house in the Spring, do consider yourself invited.
      We will look out for you till then.
      All the best,
      Tim & Meena


      1. Hi Tim, Hi Meena. Only just noticed the notifications yesterday though have of course seen the changing displays as i ride by and stop for a better look. A good time to wish you a happy, successful and if money is important – a prosperous New Year. Thank you for the invite btw :)
        Keep being creative and best wishes, Michael

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