work till…

world turned upside down…hindsight

leftie tossers & proud of it

oily toile…hindsight

painters garb
red red red is the colour of my true loves hair

hush hush sweet…

oily toile in process
mohair…300gr of 480gr…12M long…it’s like spun gold


a unicorn on deptford beach

a unicorn on deptford beach 2015 @window135

oily toile series

oily cloth series @window135
oily toile twin
cotton sheeting painting rag…outfit

three act play

new @window135
sonswear…painting @window135 make @window135x
carp on kimono cotton
Performance on Rye Lane with Alice @popsymag, Chloe @chloecooooooper. Photos by @boettcher.sebastian and @levin.haegele. Supported by @picnic_gallery.
Future’s Landing @katrinhanusch
Future’s Landing @katrinhanusch

men women wear

new! @window135
men wear @window135
women wear @window135
outfit. we’re green

curtains on fire

family portrait series continues
piano on fire
painter…on fire.
desk detritus