cool blue window with fluffy white cloud. Painting @window135 from 2014
cafe society…@agnieszka__szczotka…she spotted our clothing faux pas. Don’t get dressed in the dark.

@nancyallen92…RA school show
@clark_keatley RA interims

@window135 at David Zwirner…Hilma af Klint and quality others…

Xavier White…verrelic spires
shroom lens @window135
in a storm…lighthouse

a vision of lovliness..

1st November 2021
fresh from the jelly. see more @window135 @window135x on instagram
for buttons…family portrait series
put your back out

workers…wear ‘death to the fascist insect…’ t.shirts

martin maloney…way back when at Anthony D’Offay
archive @window135..super clothes for work. 9th October 2021

man on the street…

apologies for the working gap…

work has continued and can be found

@window135, @window135x on instagram

We have been trying to clear a ‘blocked drain’ of objects and clothes,

some of these can be found for sale @tab.window135.

public manifestation @window135

hot piano

new! @window135
interesting things…many thanks to Alessandra
we are selling prints, paintings, clothes and ephemera @tab.window135 and eBay.

Ah! knitwear in this weather

end of may…before the sun. t-shirt knit out of t-shirts. why not?
musician…caught in a trap @window135
painty man series…small head @ window135

dabs…georgina sleap

‘Dabs’ @georginasleap_12345
I spent lockdown in a bubble with my sister and her new baby. I watched how he used his fresh little fingers to knead her breast while he sucked. Then tried my own fingertips on leather and clay.
New! @window135
many thanks to George for all her work