1. Hello Meena and Tim

    Is been a long time since I sent you a brief message. I hope this finds you well.

    I write to you because the picture of this week’s shop-window (?) is very good. The dress is very nice. I wanted to tell you that.

    How is the family and specially your sons? Ander my son is studying the second/third course of Industrial Engineering (do not ask me why he took Engineering when he is more interested in design but… it was his choice). I am still working at the University of the Basque Country and right now I am staying in Oslo for three months as a guest researcher.

    Wishing you the best,

    Kind regards,

    Edorta Arana

    Irakaslea edorta.arana @ehu.eus 94 6015246

    GIZARTE ETA KOMUNIKAZIO ZIENTZIEN FAKULTATEA UPV/EHU Sarriena auzoa z/g | 48940 LEIOA T.: +34 946015246 | F.: +34 946013596 http://www.ehu.eus

    ERNE! Baliteke mezu honen zatiren bat edo mezu osoa legez babestuta egotea. Mezuak badu bere hartzailea. Okerreko helbidera heldu bada (helbidea gaizki idatzi, transmisioak huts egin) eman abisu igorleari, korreo honi erantzunda. Kontuz! Mezua ez bada zuretzat, ez erabili, ez zabaldu beste inori, ez kopiatu eta ez baliatu. ¡ATENCIÓN! Este mensaje contiene información privilegiada o confidencial a la que sólo tiene derecho a acceder el destinatario. Si usted lo recibe por error le agradeceríamos que no hiciera uso de la información y que se pusiese en contacto con el remitente.

    E-mail hau inprimatu baino lehen egiaztatu inprimatzeko beharra. Antes de imprimir este e-mail piense bien si es necesario hacerlo.

    Hemendik: window135 Bidaltze-data: martes, 04 de septiembre de 2018 16:44 Hona: edorta.arana@ehu.es Gaia: [New post] knot new

    window135 posted: ” “


    1. Edorta, lovely to hear from you, and about Ander. All is well here. Both boys have finished school. Asa is about to start studying at Brighton..Psychology. This has happened within the last 3 weeks! A quick decision after 2 years of working in a cafe…he is ready now! Hal has just finished school, he plans to work and do some short courses to do with film making.
      Tim has been made redundant from the university so we have the chance to re-think how we work at window135….could be good!
      Oslo sounds like fun!Do let us know how it goes…love to all
      Tim & Meena


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