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  1. Hi Tim –

    Now *there’s* an image I recognize! Got a print right here in Chelsea (Quebec, that is). A tribute to the international, long-standing reputation enjoyed by your exceptional visionary work. :). Gotta get back to your place soon … to make more selections!! I enjoyed the big art party you held last month … it was like a vicarious visit and a shared appreciation of your amazing place. Damn – I felt at home there!

    I’m ecstatic about the political change in Canada – the end of a long dark ten years under the evil Stephen Harper. It’s significant to me that my happy two years spent in London were on a scholarship paid for by the government of Trudeau-the-Elder (Pierre). I’d like to think that his son Justin will understand in the same way that support for Design and the Fine Arts pays off, and that at last there’ll be more lucky people like me offered the chance to grow. I plan to be a promoter.

    Trees all yellow & red, firewood being chopped, snow tires getting installed, pumpkins appearing. A beautiful season all told in our world. Thoughts of a furtive smoke in your back garden.

    Hugs to you & your crew!

    – Scott

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