painty II

new! @window135
painty I painty II and their instrument of choice.
painty II and progenitor
oil on canvas…

painty series 2020

painty mannequin series 2020 @window135
in the shop with keith jarrett X frans hals from the collage painting series 2014 ‘portraits of portraits’ 2014. workers badges for workwear
in the studio with the sitter

fight back painty man

@window135 13.08.20
painty man in toile
portrait of a self portrait. Hal @workl3ns WIP

turned her back…I know I know I know I know I know

turned her back @window135 30.06.20
in the studio…
oil on paper…
new gear @window135x
‘worker window135’… new gear label

symbiosis…oily painter & wife

22.05.2020 Oily toile boiler & matching painting @window135, @window135x
oily toile skirts in lockdown sunshine

styles…as in

works on paper…@window135 14.05.2020

walk on by

painters rag, oily toile on damask. plastics @window135
keep safe in these strange times.

pillow book

@window135. oil on canvas. wooden lined stereotypers boxes, klimsch, alltongradarraster