‘window135’ opened in 2004. Shows work in progress, changes weekly.


  1. I live round the corner in Billington Road and have done for more than a decade now. I’ve always meant to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed your changing artwork and inventive pieces!


      1. I can’t believe I have finally googled Windows 135! I have been living in New Cross for a decade and I have absolutely loved this window every single time I passed by :).
        Very grateful for this window and all the art work shared so generously 🙏🏽.



      2. Thank you for looking for 10 years!! The window with the traffic, the noise, the street life- it comes as a package!The online presence is a way to document it. Do say hello if you see us on the doorstep, it would be lovely to meet you. All the best & many thanks Tim & Meena


  2. amazing work I must say , it would be a pleasure to see all of these works in the flesh in an exhibition


  3. I’ve been walking past your window for 2 years now always meaning to find out what’s going on! Just wanted to say how much I look forward to new instalments and desperate to know what more lies behind the door!!


    1. It is the studio for window135 and where we live! We are here generally, do knock, have a cup of tea.
      Otherwise we will have a show in the Spring, when the studio will be open. We will put notice on here
      and the Facebook/insta page.
      All the best
      Tim & Meena


  4. Hello, walked passed your window today and had to take a photo of the frontage, the display is just great….thank you, what a pleasure to see.


  5. Hi,
    I’m a local, in fact I live around the corner and I walk pass your shop quite regularly. I just wanted to reach out and thank you and show my appreciation for the art that you put in the window. It never fails to put a smile on my face and it’s turned into a regular highlight of my walk. The last one, painty man, was by far my favourite!

    Keep up the amazing work!



    1. Many thanks Kevin. We have met many people through the window and are pleased when people get in touch. Painty man is part of an ongoing series…few more to come. Do say hello if you see us on the doorstep. Kind regards Tim & Meena


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